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Jamaica Plain.


Ever wonder how this part of Boston got its strange name?  wonder no more.  The answer, along with many other interesting facts are peppered across this map, as I try to bring the neighborhood to life in this upright print.  Early settling along Stony Brook, and the beginnings of industry are detailed, as well as the setting aside of various parklands that would become integral parts of the "Emerald Necklace" park system that winds its way through Boston.  The creation of the breweries that dotted the brook, and the Southwest Corridor that almost destroyed the same stretch of brook, and the park that strings it's way there today are all detailed.   The 24"X36"  print is blue.  What can I say?  I was in a mood to try something different.  The parkland depicted on the map blends with the soft chalky blue hues of the print to conspire to make a cool splash of color in any room.  And, yes.  I was sure to mark 'Doyle's Pub."  

Price:  $100.00 plus shipping



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