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Modern Boston begins to take its shape.  Many new skyscrapers are put up, as banking institutions celebrate their own success.  The aging Boston Garden is replaced by the Fleet Center.  The waterfront, now held back from encroaching further into the harbor is  transformed from busy docks and rail terminals to parks with trendy eateries and expensive condos.  The expressway, a hopeless clog of traffic since it opened in the 60's, desperately needed replacing.  The answer?  Over 10 Billion more in Federal funds! The most expansive and expensive civil engineering project in US history, known locally as the 'Big Dig' began in 1994, and completed in 2004.  With the new underground highway out of sight, the Kennedy Greenway covers it's former shadow through the city.  The narrative follows the politics, and the city's developments right to the year 2010.   

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